Can you explain how the VP8 modes work?

The VP8 has six independent operating modes and each one has been specially designed and tuned for the application that it was intended for. Each mode's algorithms are different and the DSP code for each mode resides in the VP8's on-board memory. Switching between modes is done through either the front panel or through one the two PC-based GUI software programs – GUI Lite and GUI Pro.

When VP8 operating modes are changed the following occurs:

  • the audio outputs are muted;
  • the DSP code for the current mode is unloaded from memory;
  • the new mode's code is loaded into memory;
  • the new mode’s DSP code is started;
  • the audio outputs are un-muted.

For a brief period of time there is no DSP code loaded and running, so we mute the outputs to prevent clicks and pops as the modes are changed. Because the different processing modes belong to radically different applications the brief period of no audio outputs should have no material effect on the actual operation of the VP8.

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